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Questions and Answers

Q: Will PC Drummer run under my machine and


A: It is best to try the trial version first. In general, if the

demo runs correctly on your system, the full version

will also run correctly.

Q: What are the system requirements for PC


A: Pentium or greater, Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ ME/ XP/

Windows 7/Windows 10, 32 MB RAM or

greater,Windows compatible sound card. More RAM

may be required if you use a lot of very large

instrument samples.

Q: Can PC Drummer replace a drum machine for

recording a drum track onto a multi-track recorder? I

have a korg D8 and now use a drum machine for drum

tracks. How does your software work for producing

drum tracks? Does my sound card need digital output

or what?

A: Many people use multi-track software combined

with the digital output files (wav) that PC Drummer Pro

outputs. Otherwise, the standard analog output can be

used with standalone recorders.

Q: Does the program have any live sync capabilities?

Is it a standalone program or can it be run with

another program like CEP, etc.?

A: The program does not have live sync capabilities and

can not talk directly to external hardware. You can

however export your creations to wav or MIDI files,

then import into other programs.

Q: Can I load wav drum loops into the program?

A: The program isn't specifically designed to use loops.

You can generate wave file that are loopable using PC


Q: What is the box that says "choose device" in the

sound card capabilities?

A: That is for computers with multiple sound cards.

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