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PC Drummer

   PC Drummer 6 Features

       New Hit Properties: Tone Pitch Controls - Now you can adjust  tone control of any sound in any  pattern of your songs plus or minus 88 semi-tones! This gives you more sounds to play around with and flexibility to compose more realistic drum beats based on 500 samples available in each drum kit, even add your own wav samples to customize any drum kit.

Updated display

 Patterns  easier to build Reuse patterns with new easy import feature  Undo/Redo  More default hit levels  Modify pitch on any hit  23 different screen themes  Standalone Player Program for live performances  Song progress indicators  Live frequency spectrum and wave displays Integrated help: The program includes instructions and tips along with context sensitive help.  44kHz 16 bit samples for a sharp sound. 24 Bit Sound capabilities 39 built-in patterns: Including Rock, Funk, R&B, Blues, Shuffle, Alternative, March, Samba, Bossa Nova, Afro-Cuban, and Reggae. Create your own patterns and songs: Multiple time signatures are supported. Measures can have 3,4,5,6,7, or 8 beats. Each beat can be subdivided by 2,3, or 4. 17 built-in instruments: snares(2), bass drum, open hihat, closed hihat, ride, ride bell, toms(3), cymbal, cowbell, shakers, conga, tambourine, hand claps, side stick. Midi Kit is included with 60 sample instruments and effects. Additional Accessory Drum Kits available, provided by Sun Coast Designs. Loop pattern or song: Automatically continuously replay patterns or an entire song. Beat counter display: live indicator of current beat. Instrument volume controls: Every instrument has it's own volume control you can adjust. Stereo pan control: Every instrument has it's own left to right sliding pan control for a customizable drum kit sound. MIDI or other hookups are not required. Digital sound right from your PC's speakers. Or hookup your home stereo for maximum effect. MIDI file export: Generate MIDI type 1 files for use with other programs. WAV file export: Generate standard WAV files in stereo or mono for use with other programs. Add instruments: Customize the program with your own WAV instrument samples of any kind. Construct drum kits: Customize and create your own drum kits. Import Pattern Feature - Import patterns from existing PCDrummer songs. 500 Drum Sample Slots available per kit. (PCDRUMMER 6 will work with existing Drum Kits developed for PC Drummer 5. Tempo control: Select from 30 to 300 BPM (beats per minute) Print to Tablature, your songs and patterns. Export to separate raw wav tracks for each instrument - used for multitrack recordings.  Make Drum Loops  Import Drum Samples from previous Drum kits
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